Flickr Through Some Enwork Install Photos

05.21.2012   |   Social Media

You can now find Enwork Installation Photos on Flickr, at, or by accessing the “Flickr Icon” at the bottom of the page. Photos are labeled with the end user/customer name and the city that the customer is located in. Happy viewing!

Enwork Customer Service Map

05.09.2012   |   Website

We have now implemented a Customer Service Map in the Contact section of our website. Just scroll over your respective state, click, and an information box containing your customer service representative’s contact information will pop up in a separate window. Our goal is to ultimately make life easier for you and we […]

Revamped 2012 Enwork Grid Environments Brochure is Now Available Online

05.03.2012   |   Product Information

To further Grid’s presence in the marketplace, we’ve added several new features that will enhance Grid and put a modern, functional twist on any office or educational environment. Some of these new features include, but aren’t limited to 1. Receptacle and data plates are now grey (used to be black/can […]