New Benching Environments Brochure – with eBench, Grid, XTB, and Avant – Available Now!

07.19.2016   |   News & Announcements

Be sure to check out Enwork’s all new Benching Environments brochure.
It features great visuals, descriptions, and power data routing information for eBench™, Grid™, and Avant™ benching environments. eBench, just released, has a sleek, contemporary design with full technology integration at a startup price point. Avant, the future of linked height-adjustable benching, restores the function and convenience of traditional workstations incorporating a clean aesthetic with fully concealed technology integration.

The new Benching Environments brochure is available for download from the Resources/Brochures and Specifications page. Printed copies will be available shortly.

Check it out! You’ll be inspired!