State of Mississippi

Library Related Furniture, Modular Office, and School Furniture: Contract #5-420-47839-12

Contract Period: 7/1/2012-6/30/2013

Who’s allowed to purchase off of this contract?:

Any county, municipality, school board, or other local public procurement agency or authority of the State of Mississippi.

Contract Items List:

Contract Items List


Discounts shall apply to Enwork Price List v.8 for this contract.

(Price List V.8 is accessible in the Downloads section of our website)

Dock Delivered (F.O.B. Destination)

  • 1-30000 List: 62%
  • 30001-60000 List: 63%
  • 60001-120000 List: 64%
  • 120001-250000 List: 65%
  • 250001-500000 List: 66%

Delivered and Installed (F.O.B. Destination)

  • 1-30000 List: 48%
  • 30001-60000 List: 49%
  • 60001-120000 List: 50%
  • 120001-250000 List: 51%
  • 250001-500000 List: 52%

Enwork Contacts: Contact List

Dealers: List of Authorized Dealers

Payment Terms: Net 45 Days

Orders to be placed through an Enwork Authorized Dealer and must comply with the State’s submission requirements. All purchase orders shall include on the face the following: “P.O. issued pursuant to provisions of Mississippi State Contract No. 5-420-47839-12” for order identification purposes.

For further information, feel free to contact our Enwork Contacts or an Enwork Authorized Dealer. Additional information on this contract is also available at the Mississippi Department of Finance and Administration website.