Contact Items List

NOTE: Any additional items that aren’t mentioned below or covered under this contract may be procured from Enwork so long as the agency has a justification letter and P.1 approval from Regina Irvin, Contract Analyst III, at the MS Department of Finance and Administration, Office of Purchasing and Travel. Her contact information is 601-359-3409 or .

Cafeteria Furniture
1) Mobile tables on rollers with or without benches or stools.
2) Round and rectangular cafeteria tables without benches or stools.

Dormitory Furniture
1) Metal, wood or wood clad metal wardrobes, beds and mattresses, night stands, chest of drawers, and single pedestal dormitory student desks keyboard or center drawers.
Library Shelving and Library Related Furniture
1) Cantilever, reversed cantilever, four post library shelving (all of which include mobile shelving), and end panels for covering end of panels.
2) Library Related Furniture, which includes but not limited to, circulation desks, library tables, card catalogs, study carrels, storage cabinets, periodical racks, dictionary stands, and display cases.

Modular Office Furniture
1) Metal, Wood or Laminate freestanding modular caseloads. These caseloads can include complimentary components such as keyboard drawers, task lights, tack boards, etc., and storage units. These storage units shall not include the steel file cabinets that can be purchased from the Steel File Cabinet competitively bid state contract and also no individual desks and credenzas, that can be purchased from the Wood Desk and Credenza competitively bid state contract, shall be included in this contract.
2) Conference room tables, lecterns, media cabinets, storage cabinets and presentation boards.

School Furniture (Classroom)
1) Student desks, chair desks, tables, arm chairs, stools.
2) Single unit pedestal teacher’s desks.
3) Study carrels and Storage cabinets
4) Classroom activity, computer, folding, and training tables and accessories, such as, ganging devices, electrical data components and storage dollies.