State of New York

NYS OGS 22398 Furniture (Statewide) Contract: Contract#PC66231

Contract Period: 12/2/2013-12/1/2018

NOTE: Annual price list updates will occur 12/2/16 and the same date every year thereafter. With this being said, quoted list prices remain valid as long as Price List v12 is current. Project pricing for orders placed after the 12/2 date will have to be authorized in advance by an Enwork Representative.

OGS 10 Digit Vendor ID: 1100081192

Small Business?: Yes

Who’s allowed to purchase off of this contract?

  • State agencies (click to reference list of agencies)
  • Non-State Agencies (click to reference list of agencies)
  • This contract has an “extension of use” clause, more commonly known as a “piggyback clause,” allowing to extend the terms and conditions of this contract to political subdivisions and other authorized entities in other participating States or governmental jurisdictions. A mutual written agreement between Enwork and the State of New York, Office of General Services must occur prior to extending terms to an interested party and prior to submission of any purchase order. The New York State Finance Law Article 11, §163 (10)(e) provides further information if interested.

Contract Items List:

Enwork is offering the below product categories under Price List v12 (Open Binder Eligibility). Non-contract items (e.g.: new product lines in current commercial Pricer v12, special products, etc.) cannot be included on a purchase order with contract items and must be submitted separately. Non-contract items are subject to current commercial list pricing, discounting, and policies. Feel free to call into 1.800.815.7251 to talk to a customer service representative or email with any product questions or requests.

(Price List v12 is accessible in the downloads section to the left. Price List v12 is also accessible under the Resources Tab, “Price Lists.” Other pertinent information such as product specifications, testing information, planning guides, warranty, etc. can also be referenced under the Resources Tab. For any physical samples or literature, please send in your requests to


  • Discounts shall apply to Price List v12.
  • 70.3% is the standard discount.
  • Purchase order volume discounts are applicable on a per order basis. Orders above 60,000 list are eligible for the below volume discounting. When placing multiple orders, volume discounts will only be extended to orders delivered to the same location at the same requested time.

60,001-120,000 List: 72.4%

120,001-500,000 List: 73.5%

500,001 List and Up: 74.6%

  •  Orders less than 1000 dollars net are assessed a 100 dollar net freight fee. Exception – orders less than $100 net that can be sent FedEx (e.g. small legs, brackets and lighting) have no freight fee.

Delivery Methods

Dock Delivery: Product is FOB Enwork freight prepaid in the continental United States. Standard delivery methods include dock delivery and tailgating of load (Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm). Special delivery accommodations, including, but not limited to direct shipments, specific arrival times, use of lift-gate trucks, etc. may carry an additional upcharge. Agencies are highly encouraged to contact Enwork prior to order placement to negotiate any incurred fees. For such arrangements, Enwork requests that notation of special delivery requirements be placed on the face of the order.

Inside Delivery:

  • 7% inside delivery fee (expressed as a % of Net discounted order price)

Inside delivery is intended for free standing furniture when the ordering agency is unable to bring it from the dock to the point of use. It shall consist of removal from truck, bringing to point of use, uncrating, minor assembly, leaving ready for use and the removal of debris. This fee doesn’t extend to installations such as Systems Furniture and High Density Shelving.

Installation: Installation is to be negotiated separately from this contract and shall be handled by the ordering agency according to the purchasing guidelines and discretionary limits, complying with wage and labor rates, all state and local codes and public works guidelines if applicable.

Payment Terms:

  • Payment terms are established at 1% 10, Net 30. Invoices are created and billed upon product shipment. Any invoice discrepancies must be brought to our attention within 5 days of receipt.
  • In lieu of a purchase order/purchase authorization, purchases up to 15000 dollars net are allowed via a NYS/Citibank Visa Procurement Card. Processing of the card will not take place until purchased products have been shipped or services have been performed in full. Please be aware charges over 1000 dollars will be assessed our standard processing and handling fee (disclosure of fee available upon request).

Enwork Contacts: Contact List

Dealers: List of Dealers

Orders are to be placed directly with Enwork and can be placed either electronically to or fax’d into 888.433.2128. Please reference NYS Contract#PC66231 when placing an order/s for this contract. Delivery times for orders placed will be subjected to current Enwork Lead Times and we will try our best to meet ship date requests. However, delivery shall not exceed the 30 calendar day delivery requirement proposed by the State, for standard product, unless special delivery arrangements are requested by an agency. Enwork’s standard warranty is in effect for this contract and warranty claims/resolutions will be handled internally.

For further information in relation to this contract, feel free to contact our Enwork Contacts. Additional information on this contract is also available at the State of New York OGS website.