NYS OGS Contract PC66231 Furniture Dealers

*Dealers not listed, but who would like to be added for this contract, please contact George Kudwa at gkudwa@enwork.com.*

The below provides a partial list of 68 Office Furniture Dealers primarily scattered throughout the State of New York, with some having residence in bordering New Jersey. Dealers can provide ancillary services such as design, quote, and installation for Enwork product. Enwork will accept orders and perform billing for our products and related Dealer services as Dealers aren’t allowed to perform these functions on our behalf under this contract.


Dealer: AFD Contract Furniture
Address: 810 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10019
Website: www.afd-inc.com
Phone: 212-721-7100
Fax: N/A
Contact: David Aarons
Email: daarons@afd-inc.com


Dealer: Alianza Services LLC
Address: 74 North Broadway 2nd Floor South, Nyack, NY 10960
Website: www.alianzacorp.com
Phone: 845-675-7337 x 104
Fax: 845-675-7341
Contact: Dawn Cannon
Email: dcannon@alianzacorp.com


Dealer: Arenson Office Furnishings Inc.
Address: 1115 Broadway, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10010
Website: www.aof.com
Phone: 212-991-4020
Fax: 212-991-4021
Contact: Sue Marowitz
Email: smarowitz@aof.com


Dealer: Business Furniture, Inc.
Address: 336 W 37th Street, New York, NY 10018
Website: www.bfifurniture.com
Phone: 646-825-6265
Fax: 905-282-5167
Contact: Keith Kreindler
Email: kkreindler@bfifurniture.com


Dealer: Caitlin Office Interiors & Design, Inc.
Address: 515 North Main Street Newark, NY 14513
Website: N/A
Phone: 315-331-0180
Fax: 315-331-7088
Contact: Anne M. Wunder
Email: caitlin@eznet.net


Dealer: Concepts Office Furnishings, Inc
Address: 280 North Midland Avenue – Building 3 – Unit 204, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663
Website: www.conceptsoffice.com
Phone: 201-727-9110
Fax: 201-727-9112
Contact: Aida DeSoto
Email: adesoto@conceptsoffice.com


Dealer: Concordance Healthcare Solutions MMS
Address: 145 Hugenot St, Ste 108, New Rochelle, NY 10801
Website: www.concordancehs.com
Phone: 914-819-1063
Fax: 914-576-0540
Contact: Geri Lamano
Email: glamano@concordancehs.com


Dealer: Cueva Contract Inc. dba Interior Innovations
Address: 1016 Garden Road, Utica, NY 13501
Website: www.iicontractfurniture.com
Phone: 315-724-1985
Fax: 315-266-1376
Contact: Laura Cueva
Email: laura.cueva@iicontractfurniture.com


Dealer: Davies Office Refurbishing, Inc.
Address: 40 Loudonville Road, Albany, NY 12204
Website: www.daviesoffice.com
Phone: 518-449-2040
Fax: 518-449-4036
Contact: Evelyn M. Davies
Email: evelyndavies@daviesoffice.com


Dealer: DRB Business Interiors
Address: 153 Regent Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Website: www.drbbusinessinteriors.com
Phone: 518-306-5233
Fax: 518-306-5256
Contact: Dan Bullis
Email: dbullis@drbbusinessinteriors.com


Dealer: EM & N Marketing dba Quality Office Environments
Address: 127 Main Street, Geneseo NY 14454
Website: www.qualityofficeenvironments.com
Phone: 585-314-8482
Fax: N/A
Contact: Marcia Podhorecki
Email: marcia.podhorecki@ki.com


Dealer: Empire Office Inc.
Address: 105 Madison Avenue 15th Fl, New York, NY 10016
Website: www.empireoffice.com
Phone: 646-437-4161
Fax: 347-649-9150
Contact: Megan Sykes
Email: msykes@empireoffice.com


Dealer: EvensonBest LLC
Address: 641 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10011
Website: www.evensonbest.com
Phone: 212-549-8004
Fax: N/A
Contact: Dominick Papaleo
Email: dpapaleo@evensonbest.com


Dealer: FM Office Express, Inc. dba Business Environments by RAS
Address: 1 Interstate Avenue, Albany NY 12205
Website: www.fmop.com
Phone: 518-273-9359
Fax: 518-272-1552
Contact: Fabricio Morales
Email: fmorales@fmop.com


Dealer: FM Office Express, Inc. dba Merkel Donohue
Address: One Woodbury Boulevard, Rochester, NY 14604-1895
Website: www.fmop.com
Phone: 585-325-7696
Fax: 585-325-3065
Contact: Fabricio Morales
Email: fmorales@fmop.com


Dealer: FM Office Express, Inc.
Address: 106 Despatch Drive, East Rochester, NY 14445
Website: www.fmop.com
Phone: 585-238-2899
Fax: 585-238-2899
Contact: Deborah Morales
Email: dmorales@fmop.com


Dealer: GLB Interiors, LLC dba Innerspace Office Interiors
Address: 3901 Genesee Street, Suite 600, Buffalo NY 14225
Website: www.innerspaceoi.com
Phone: 716-276-8981
Fax: 716-633-5641
Contact: Gina Bonitatibus
Email: gina@innerspaceoi.com


Dealer: Grassroots Contract Interiors
Address: 255 Great Arrow Ave. Ste 205, Buffalo, NY  14207
Website: www.gcibuffalo.com
Phone: 716-257-5256
Fax: 716-875-2500
Contact: Katherine Gunsolus
Email: katherine@gcibuffalo.com


Dealer: Hummel’s Office Equipment Company, Inc.
Address: 25 Canal St, Mowhawk, NY  13407
Website: www.hummelsop.com
Phone: 315-866-3860 x-259
Fax: 315-866-5360
Contact: Daniel D. Stalteri
Email: dans@hummelsop.com


Dealer: Interior Solutions of WNY, LLC
Address: 472 Franklin Street, Buffalo NY 14202
Website: www.is-wny.com
Phone: 716-332-0372
Fax: 716-884-0894
Contact: Jackie Flynn
Email: jflynn@is-wny.com


Dealer: MidCity Office Equipment, Inc.
Address: 2495 Main Street, Suite 240
Website: www.midcityoffice.com
Phone: 716-832-0138 x 209
Fax: 716-832-0892
Contact: Kurt Amico
Email: kurt@midcityoffice.com


Dealer: MMR Enterprises, Inc. / Standard Commercial Interiors
Address: 107 Champlain Street, Albany, NY 12204
Website: www.scireplay.com
Phone: 518-433-0029
Fax: 518-433-0315
Contact: Megan Lanzetta
Email: mlanzetta@scireplay.com


Dealer: Office Furnishings, Inc.
Address: 38 Sandy Court
Phone: 631-357-2863
Fax: 631-619-6097
Contact: Suzanne Czak
Email: officefurnishings@aol.com


Dealer: Office Resources
Address: 1501 Broadway, Suite 802, New York, NY 10036
Website: www.ori.com
Phone: 646-731-3928
Fax: 212-944-8264
Contact: Peggy Morales
Email: peggymorales@ori.com


Dealer: Roberts Office Interiors / ROI
Address: 144 Hangar Road, Rome, NY 13441
Website: www.roiofficeinteriors.com
Phone: 315 -334-1388
Fax: 315-334-4413
Contact: Lynne Angelicola
Email: lynne@roiofficeinteriors.com


Dealer: Sedgwick Business Interiors – Syracuse
Address: 100 West Court Street, Syracuse, NY 13204
Website: www.sedgwickbusiness.com
Phone: 315-424-1500
Fax: 315-474-4611
Contact: Doug Sedgwick
Email: dsedgwick@sedgwickbusiness.com


Dealer: Sedgwick Business Interiors – Rochester
Address: 176 Anderson Ave, Rochester, NY 14607
Website: www.sedgwickbusiness.com
Phone: 585-461-5070
Fax: 585-461-5595
Contact: Doug Sedgwick
Email: dsedgwick@sedgwickbusiness.com


Dealer: SCI/MMR Enterprises
Address: 107 Champlain Street, Albany, NY 12204
Website: www.sctreplay.com
Phone: 518-433-0029
Fax: 518-443-0315
Contact: Megan Lanzetta
Email: mlanzetta@sctreplay.com


Dealer: Syracuse Office Environments
Address: 375 Erie Blv. West, Syracuse, NY 13202
Website: www.soesyr.com
Phone: 315-476-9091
Fax: 315-476-9094
Contact: Jeff Ecker
Email: jecker@soesyr.com


Dealer: Telcar Certified, LTD
Address: 25 Andrea Road, Holbrook, NY 11741
Website: www.thetelcargroup.com
Phone: 631-563-9195
Fax: 631-563-9250
Contact: Diane Frerking
Email: diane@thetelcargroup.com


Dealer: Upstate Office Liquidators, Inc. dba Upstate Office Furniture
Address: 718 Azon Road
Website: www.upstateofficefurniture.com
Phone: 607-722-9234
Fax: 607-722-3148
Contact: Sylvia Kerber
Email: skerber@upstateofficefurniture.com


Dealer: VRD Contracting, Inc.
Address: 25 Andrea Road, Holbrook, NY  11741
Website: www.vrdcontracting.com
Phone: 631-956-7000
Fax: 631-563-9250
Contact: Diana Frerking
Email: diana@vrdcontracting.com


Dealer: Waldner’s Business Environments
Address: 125 Route 110, Farmingdale, NY 11735
Website: www.waldners.com
Phone: 631-844-9348
Fax: 631-694-6303
Contact: Susan Kennedy
Email: skennedy@waldners.com


Dealer: WB Wood LLC
Address: 225 Park Avenue South 2nd Fl, New York, NY 10003
Website: www.wbwood.com
Phone: 212-647-6200
Fax: 212-206-9222
Contact: Frank Lacapra
Email: flacapra@wbwood.com


Dealer: Zere Real Estate Services Inc. DBA Zere Office Furnishings
Address: 2155 Ocean Ave, Suite C, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
Website: www.zere.com
Phone: 631-467-4300
Fax: 631-469-5786
Contact: Marie Zere
Email: mazere@zere.com