Texas Multiple Award Schedule

Enwork TXMAS Contract #TXMAS-12-710100

Sleek. Expressive. Fresh. Modern. Affordable. Customizable.

These adjectives are commonly expressed when talking about the full-suite of Enwork tables and related products. Need technology? Got it. Want to carry common aesthetics throughout a space? No problem. Need it fast? Can do. Need a special quote in 24 hours? Done. Let’s re-think and re-imagine solutions together.

Contract Period: 7/16/2012-6/3/2018

Contract Items List:

  • Products or services currently offered on GSA Schedule GS-28F-0028U may be purchased from this contract. “Open Market or Best Value” items or services necessary for product integration or completeness may be purchased along with items or services that are on our TXMAS Contract, granted costs do not exceed 50% of the overall purchase order.
  • Examples of “Open Market” items or services include:
    • Products offered commercially, but not provided under our GSA Schedule (reference Downloads section to the left for products and list prices pertaining to TXMAS Schedule).
    • Products involving customization, dimensional changes, etc. that would be classified as a special (contact quotes@enwork.com for a quote request).
    • Design and Installation services (consult with an Enwork TXMAS Authorized Dealer for assistance).
  • Standard commercial warranty applies to contract items purchased.

(Other pertinent information such as product specifications, testing information, planning guides, warranty, etc. can be referenced under the Resources Tab.)

Order Limitation:

Minimum Order: $100 Net

Maximum Order: $500,000 Net

Discount Structure:

Mirrors GSA Schedule Discounting for Zone 3. Purchase order volume discounts are applicable on a per order basis. When placing multiple orders, volume discounts will only be extended to orders delivered to the same location at the same requested time. If procuring open market items with contract items, open market item list prices are to be excluded when calculating discount. In these instances, Enwork is open to extending the contract discount to open market items.

0-60,000 List: 70.3%

60,001-120,000 List: 72.4%

120,001-500,000 List: 73.5%

500,001 List and Up: 74.6%

Payment Terms:

  • 2% 10 Net 30

TXMAS Dealers: List of Authorized Dealers

Enwork TXMAS Contacts:  Contact List

Orders are to be placed with one of our TXMAS Authorized Dealers and are required to reference Enwork TXMAS Contract #, TXMAS-12-710100, followed by the Authorized Dealer’s contract number suffix (-1, -2, -3….-20), within which the order is being placed with. Example includes TXMAS-12-710100-1 if an order is placed with BKM Total Office of Texas (see “List of Authorized Dealers” for each Dealership’s respective contract number suffix). Delivery times for an order will be subjected to Enwork Lead Times, pending upon what items are purchased. However, we will try our best to meet ship date requests specified on orders placed.

For further information on this contract, feel free to contact George Kudwa (Contract Administrator) or one of our Enwork Authorized Dealers. Additional information on this contract is also available at the Texas State Purchasing website.