State of Wisconsin

Statewide Office Furniture Contract: Contract #505ENT-M15-OFFURNITUR-14

Contract Period: 08/16/17-08/15/2018

NOTE:  This contract was established in base year 2014, with an initial term of two years with the option to renew for three additional one-year periods. Annual price list updates will occur 8/15 and the same date every year thereafter. With this being said, quoted list prices remain valid as long as Price List v.11 is current. Project pricing for orders placed after the 8/15 date will have to be authorized in advance by an Enwork Representative.

Who’s allowed to purchase off of this contract?

This contract is available for use by State agencies and University of Wisconsin (UW) campuses. Additionally, cooperative purchasing groups (municipalities, school districts, tribal governments) along with other States and their respective governmental units who’d like to utilize the terms and conditions of this contract may do so.

Contract Items List:

Office Furniture, as defined by the State and for purposes of this contract, is commercial furniture which is designed and manufactured for commercial installations, as in offices, waiting areas or lobbies, and consists of objects that are moveable, ergonomic and intended to support the various activities that occur in an office setting. Examples of items include systems furniture, freestanding desks and tables, storage, filing, and casegood units, and the associated accessories that are used in the modern office.

Product Categories Awarded (*Primary)

Products listed below were awarded under Price List v12 (03/01/2017 effective date). Product Lines Grid, and Gyration 2.0 listed in Price List v12 weren’t awarded for purchase through this contract and are rendered non-contract items. We ask that orders placed for these products aren’t included with on-contract items. Non-contract items will be specified using our current commercial Pricer at time of quote. We are willing to extend these products at discounting equal to or matching those provided for this contract.


  • The below discounts are considered minimum discounts offered by Enwork for this contract. Inquiries about deeper discounts beyond what is listed are welcomed. Please consult one of our Enwork Contacts (provided below) for additional project discounting.

Primary Discount

Extends to Categories “Private Office Grouping-1 and 2”:

  • 56%
  • 60% (relates to Grid Benching)

Delivery Only Discount (extends to products that ship fully assembled)
Extends to Category “Filing, Metal Storage, and Wood Casegoods”:

  • 62%

Installed Volume Discounts

Extends to Categories “Desks/Tables”, “Filing, Metal Storage, and Wood Casegoods”:

  • 0-10,000 List: 56%
  • 10,001-20,000 List: 58%
  • 20,001-50,000 List: 60%
  • 50,001 – 100,000 List: 62%
  • 100,001+ List: 64%


Design, Layout, or Reconfiguration

  • These services are provided at no charge by our Authorized Dealers. Services beyond what is considered customary may render a 60 dollar per hour charge or less. Prior written approval is to be negotiated between Dealer and authorized user prior to a fee being assessed.


  • Product that is returned as a result of an authorized user ordering error shall be charged a restocking fee of 20% of the price of the actual product. Return requirements related to damaged product, duplicate shipments, etc. shall not be assessed a re-stock fee.


  • Minimum order, delivery, and transaction processing fees related to purchase card payments are waived for this contract.

Payment Terms:

  • Payment terms are established at 1% 10, Net 30. Accurate invoices are created and billed within 5 days of completed install on an order, including punch items. If dock delivery takes place, invoices will be issued in accordance with the product received date.
  • For purchases between 100 dollars and 5,000 dollars, the Wisconsin Purchasing Card is excepted as a form of payment.

Enwork Contacts: Contact List
Dealers: List of Authorized Dealers

Enwork Authorized Dealers will be servicing the contract to eligible users throughout the 72 counties of Wisconsin on our behalf. Therefore, purchase orders and payments will be made out to and placed with an Authorized Dealer. Please reference “List of Authorized Dealers” above for Dealer information including which counties are serviced by those Dealers. Reference Contract # 505ENT-M15-OFFURNITUR-14 when requesting a quote or placing an order. Enwork’s standard ten year warranty is in effect and warranty claims/resolutions will be handled by an Authorized Dealer in accordance with contract terms and conditions. Lead times are subjected to the products ordered and the size of the order; please consult our lead time sheet.


Information contained within isn’t to be misconstrued as “all-encompassing” of the full terms and conditions of this contract. Additional information on this contract is available at the State of Wisconsin, Bureau of Procurement, VendorNet System website. For further information, feel free to contact our Enwork Contact or an Enwork Authorized Dealer.