Mississippi State Contract

State Contract:
State Contract #: 8200018731
Contract SMART #: 1130-15-C-SWCT-00773

Contract Period: 7/1/2016 – 06/30/2017

Supplier ID: 3102013835

Price List:
Price List V11 (Effective Date of 12/7/2015)

All products available from V11 are open for specification and purchase. Custom products shall have established list prices on a per project bases. Quote inquiries or requests can be directed to designteam@enwork.com, referencing “products and pricing apply per MS Contract 8200018731.”

Commodities covered under contract include Classroom Furniture, Library Related Furniture, School Furniture (Classroom), desks, wood credenzas, and metal tables.

Orders less than $1000 net are assessed a $100 net freight fee. Exception – orders less than $100 net that can be sent FedEx (e.g. small legs, brackets and lighting) have no freight fee.

Order Size:                            AHS
$0-175,000 List                      60%
$175,001-350,000 List           62%
$350,001 +                        Negotiable


Contract Administrator:
George Kudwa             Direct: 616-421-7702     Email: gkudwa@enwork.com
Main point of contact

Customer Service Rep:
Shannon Hawley         Direct: 616-987-7094    Email: shawley@enwork.com
Responsible for handling order entry, acknowledgements, and warranty resolutions

Local Sales Rep (FL):
Kathy Mobley              Direct: 901-378-4247     Email: kathy@e-mooresolutions.com

Dealers: List of Authorized Dealers