About the Design

Like all successful projects, Grid started with intimate customer interaction and observation. Enwork customers clamored for better workstation alternatives at very aggressive prices. People wanted us to do to Environments what we have done to Tables and other market segments – design really great products at really great prices. Customers wanted flexibility, smaller footprints, and something that “looked different”. Customers clearly didn’t want cubicles (panel systems) or benching products (boat anchors).

In true Enwork fashion the speed of the project was breath taking. Starting with early design concepts we worked closely with customers in Silicon Valley to refine our designs. We validated our designs in other vibrant areas. The feedback was crystal clear – the market craved our product in a way that marketing professionals dream about. “When can I have it? I can’t wait for the end of the summer…” was a common refrain. We had nailed the product and nailed the price points.

Fresh from this feedback Enwork put together a small team of extremely experienced people to drive the project in record time and efficiency. In a span of weeks we identified materials, designed extrusions, and cut tooling. We went from Silicon Valley to Neocon product in only six weeks!

Grid launched in Fall 2010. Grid XTB benches with individually adjustable work surfaces launched in the summer of 2013. The future is now. Welcome aboard.