Grid frames convey power and data to where it’s needed, simply and elegantly. Grid frames come in three sizes: Standard, Mini, and Mega. All Frames are available in 30”, 48”, 60”, 72” and 84” widths.

Standard Frame is available with the original Rail profile or the sleeker Thin profile. Mega Frame is available with Rail profile. Mini Frame is available with Thin profile.





Standard Frame Heights

Mini Frame Heights

42″ H (Power/Data above worksurface)
37″ H (Power/Data below worksurface)
34″ H (Power/Data above worksurface)
28″ H (Power/Data below worksurface)

Mega Frame Heights

47″ H (Power/Data above worksurface)
42″ H (Power/Data below worksurface)
**All frames are 2.5″ W Anodized Aluminum