Benching Environments

Ambition. Freestanding Workstation Solutions.
A collection of freestanding workstation solutions, Ambition was designed to radically improve the office aesthetic of adjustable-height workspaces(See More)

eBench. Contemporary design.
A startup price point.

With a slim profile and sleek contemporary design, eBench workstations pack style, function, and technology integration into a simple, uncluttered package. (See More)

Grid. Flexible. Refined. Affordable.

Your team deserves this. You deserve this. Grid Environments are modern, shockingly affordable, and fun. They have the familiarity of a panel system and more flexibility than benching products. The anodized aluminum materials exude importance and relevance. Natural light and air will flow through your space with ease. Plus you will love the positive effects on teamwork and seamless communication. Now is the time. Let’s re-think and re-imagine solutions together.

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Benching Height Adjustable
Benching – Grid XTB
Mini Frame Benching
Grid Typical 53A
 120 Degree Planning Freestanding Grid Spines 90 Degree Planning
Reception & Pvt Office