New Products

New Products

Enwork’s new Seating collection, eBench Tables, Equilibrium, eBench workstations, Avant, PowerEdge, Satellites, Solano VT and Fast Crank height-adjustable tables, Apron Tables, and Lugano are our latest new products, continuing our history of rapid product development. Each fulfills Enwork’s value proposition, helping to maximize limited budget dollars without sacrificing aesthetic design or quality.

Take a look. You’ll be inspired.

Seating Collection
From training and conference environments to multipurpose and café applications, Enwork’s new seating collection has the perfect solution for all of your chair needs. The collection is made up of seven different seating lines with a range of aesthetic style as well as function. Create departmental groups, wayfinding, or show off your company colors through the many seat fabric, back mesh, and poly color options. (See More)

eBench Table (complete table)
New eBench Tables are current, simple, and work anywhere. Inset legs provide added knee space while the 3/4″ conference top maintains a light scale, contemporary aesthetic. Simple to specify and order, eBench tables maximize the functionality of your space at a start-up price.
Equilibrium™ Conference Table Bases
Patent Pending
Equilibrium provides the perfect balance of form and function to turn any conference environment into an impressive design statement. Its patent-pending, revolutionary design leverages a single base to create the illusion of a floating surface up to 20 ft.
Unimpeded knee space is enjoyed at every position around the table. Designed for technology integration, Equilibrium includes base and trough covers to conceal power and cabling without compromise. 
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eBench™ Linked Benching Environments
With a slim profile and sleek contemporary design, eBench workstations pack style, function, and technology integration into a simple, uncluttered package. Engineered in Germany, its highly tooled steel structure assures a long-lasting, sturdy foundation. Shared, inset legs create ample knee space with plenty of room for storage components. (See More)
Avant™ Architectural Benching
Patent Pending
A new design, Avant restores the function and convenience of traditional workstations within the dense footprint of modern benching. Choose 4-inch storage tops to keep active documents right at your fingertips or traditional 1-1/4″ worksurfaces with integral cable troughs. Anchored storage bases express a clean aesthetic that fully conceals the height-adjustable leg mechanisms, power system, and cabling. With hidden horizontal and vertical power and cable management, and a Bosch motor in each height-adjustable leg, Avant’s sophistication and quality is more than just a clean and uncluttered aesthetic. (See More)
PowerEdge™ Conference Table Tops
PowerEdge tops keep worksurfaces clean and uncluttered, maximizing function without compromising aesthetics. The 3/4″ top reveal creates a sleek appearance while the recessed undersurface steel rail mounted apron means user access to power is always close at hand. PowerEdge puts an end to bulky power data assemblies and unsightly routing holes. (See More)
Satellite™ Power Data Unit
Use Enwork Satellites to add undersurface power access to any table or worksurface, including workstations, freestanding tables, and conference solutions. Satellite can be ordered as a Day 2 part to update any existing installation. (See More)
Solano™ VT-Series Electric
Height-Adjustable Table Base
Formerly Captiva
The Solano VT-Series electric height-adjustable table base provides reliable adjustability in a very affordable package. With an individual Bosch® motor for each leg, the VT-Series is available for rectangles, corners, L-workstations, and 120 planning. (See More)
Solano™ Fast Crank
Height-Adjustable Table Base
Formerly Captiva
The Solano Fast Crank height-adjustable table base integrates the finesse of crank adjustment with the speed of an electric base. Fitting 24″ and 30″D rectangle worksurfaces, Fast Crank adjusts at a rate of 2 turns per inch. (See More)
Apron Table
The Enwork Apron Table provides a classic solution at a great price point. This classic table is available with silver legs and a sleek 3/4” thick top in your choice of laminate. (See More)

Lugano™ Height-Adjustable Conference Table Bases
Lugano’s central bases incorporate a robust steel structure to support extended oversails on tops. Its design projects confidence while providing additional leg space. Lugano anticipates your needs with myriad power and data options and concealed routing paths. Single, fixed-height Lugano bases are available for any size conference table. Height-adjustable bases are available for single base applications up to 60″D x 144″W. (See More)