At Enwork, we understand determining and specifying the right power/data solution can be confusing and time consuming. That’s why we try to make it easy to choose the right power/data assembly, assuring you have a highly functional yet cost effective solution. With a little bit of planning, connecting a table or multiple tables in a large training room can be simple, usually without the added complexity and expense of a technology integrator.


Five Steps to identifying a complete Power/Data Solution

Follow the five steps on this page – carefully noting the corresponding tips – and you’ll be well on your way to an effective solution.


Conference Table Power/Data Solutions

Power/data assemblies in the Conference section are larger and more often used in conference table applications. If smaller assemblies are desired, look at the selections under Training and Teaming. Download Comparison Chart.


Training, Teaming and Workstation Power/Data Solutions

Power/data assemblies in the Training and Teaming section are smaller and more often used in tables eight feet and under, and for multiple table applications. If a larger assembly is desired, look at the selections under Conference Tables. Download Comparison Chart.


Data Options

Available power/data assemblies come with one of two types of data access. Each unit is coded with a triangle or circle to help you choose the right options for your selected assembly.
Assemblies that use the triangle coded data solutions come with an adapter kit that allows the termination to snap into the unit’s data openings. Connectors, cords, and couplers are available to complete the cabling within the table. Download Datacom Options sheet.

Assemblies that use the circle coded data solutions use telecom plates. Plates are customizable and can be configured for specific needs.


15″ Oasis (closed)  15″ Oasis (open)  30″ Oasis (closed)  30″ Oasis (open)
  Foundation Trough   Flip-n-Go (closed)   Flip-n-Go (open)   Villa (closed)
  Villa (open)  Cove  Alexander Linear (closed)  Alexander Linear (open)
 Axil-X  Ellora Singlse-Sided (closed)  Ellora Single-Sided (open)  Ellora Double-Sided (closed)
 Ellora Double-Sided (open) PowerEdge  Angled Satellite (under surface)  Rounded Satellite (under surface)
Node  Powerlex