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Enwork Studio creates product solutions that customers search for and struggle to find. The Enwork Studio is a team of talented designers, sourcers, and producers, that follow a needs-based design process to create products that solve unique customer requests. Enwork Studio regularly collaborates with its world-class supply chain and manufacturing partners to bring a depth of expertise that is typically reserved for billion dollar companies.

Our process begins at discovery and ideation, and flows through post-install. Whether your starting point is a napkin sketch or a complete rendering, Enwork Studio can catapult your vision to a reality. The size and complexity of Studio projects vary significantly. Some projects are focused on using fresh new materials, while other projects require significant technology integration or engineering resources. The end result is often the same; new and innovative products developed specifically for the customer’s needs.

The power of Enwork Studio is our access to the world-class tier 1 supply chain of West Michigan, and a cohort of industry veterans. Our customers are able to leverage the scale of Enwork to achieve faster lead-times and better prices for custom product solutions.


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Studio Projects

DeVry University

Solano Laptop Table


Custom Height-Adjustable Tables

Tesla Motors

Collaborative, Conference, & Workstation Products


Height-Adjustable Bases w/ Freestanding Grid


Flip Tables, Conference Tables, & Grid XTB

Malcolm X

Stealth Team Tables